Sweet and tender Challah that is decadent and comforting; NY style bagels

Ciabatta style boules, sourdough, and specialty loaves; just dip in olive oil and enjoy

IMG_2259 2.jpg

Rugelach and other soul-warming sweets in dozens of flavor combinations


Crunchy on the outside, soft and flavorful inside; perfect with soup on cold winter days

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New for the Holidays!

Gourmet Ginger Snap Cookies

Sure, they're not to0 Jew-y, but that center is oh-so-chewy. With a beautiful crisp around the edges and sugar sparkles throughout

Perfect for cold, snowy days snuggled up next to the fire.

TIP: Serve with fresh whipped cream and strawberries.

It's HERE!

The famous BLACK AND WHITE cookie!

Simply a classic. Cake-like, pillowy cookie with a sweet fondant topping. Inspired by the recipe from Junior's in NYC. Split one with someone you love, who might not love chocolate (weirdo) or eat an entire cookie, or several, by yourself!





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Price List

Rugelach (ANY flavors): $20 per dozen

Chocolate chunk cookies: $25 per dozen

Mandelbread: $20 per dozen


Mun Cookies: $15 per dozen

Black & White cookies: $20 for 6, $36 per dozen

Gourmet Gingersnaps: $20 per dozen


Sampler Box (one dozen assorted cookies): $25

Doughnuts: $25 per dozen


Challah: $15 per loaf

Round Challah: $18 per loaf, 2 for $32


Classic Artisan Bread: $15 per loaf or 2 for $25


Specialty Artisan Bread: $18 per loaf or 2 for $32


Bagels: $36 per dozen (one minimum)




Starting April 22nd, I am able to offer: challah, artisan bread, and mandelbread. Hopefully this list will grow as I am able to get more supplies.


Full disclosure: I am cooking in a kitchen that I share with my husband and two children, none of whom are masked, all of whom are practicing good hygiene. None of us are symptomatic or feeling ill. If that changes, obviously, I will let you know.


All prices will increase by $5 and include contact-less delivery, if you would like.

We would greatly appreciate receiving your order at least one week in advance. In some circumstances, we may be able to accommodate a rush order, but it is not guaranteed. We do not like to disappoint you by saying "no" so PLEASE get those orders in EARLY!!

As weekend orders lead to disgruntled family members (mine), orders are available on WEEKDAYS ONLY!   However, if you would like to host my children at your home for the weekend, I am happy to make an exception.


At this time we accept credit cards only Once we finalize your order, you will receive a PayPal invoice. You do not need a PayPal account to pay the invoice; all you need is a credit or debit card.


Orders can be picked up from my home in Bethesda. If you text before you come, and I am home, I will run the order out to you in your car. 301-646-5748. If I am not home, I will leave your bag on my front porch with your name on it.

Maryland requires the product to be sold IN MARYLAND. If you live in D.C. or Virginia,

we can meet at a designated place in Maryland or you are welcome to pick up from my home in Bethesda.



My goal is to bake really good food, inspired by my Jewish background, that fills you with joy and comfort.

There is something warm and familiar about times filled with family and food. One of my earliest memories is cooking with my Bubbie, Florence Guttmann. Her hands would guide my own as I helped her shape "mundel bread" and "mun cookies." Though she sadly passed away when I was only five years old, I can still remember the joy we shared baking together as if it were yesterday. I would hope to share a similar joy with my own children in the kitchen; but they argue incessantly and are generally difficult so, instead of waiting until I become a Bubbie, I am finding my own happiness in my kitchen. Alone. Which is how I like it for now.

Ess, Kindelah!

Me and my Bubbie